'The Googlers' is one of the works I have developed inside the frames of Google as a contemporary phenomenon – I see Google as a model that mirrors our behaviors and the social and economic structures in which we live, a comprehensive tool for investigating society.

In 'The Googlers' series I use the neutral gaze of the ‘Street View’ photographs – images created by a machine which are nobodies memories; they are pictures without meaning just waiting for someone to give them a context – to focus on the individual (instead of places, the original purpose of Google) in ordinary situations: vanishing faceless in collective behavior patterns or as solitary beings; sometimes just reinforcing normative power structures where they live, sometimes questioning it; staging their lives while the only one who has a face is a fictional character; having fun, consuming and our bodies lie in graves at the end.

I have deliberately manipulated the images so they will resemble a miniature world and together with the thick acrylic mounting they become like small aquariums. I wish to extract the individuals from the confinement of Google’s photo archive and increase this feeling setting them in a physical confinement, like scale models in dioramas.

Interview about the project in Daniel Josefsson's 'In the immaterial'.
2012 -
The Googlers