Anthropophagic Ritual
2014 –

"Anthropophagic Ritual" is a project where I invite people into my home, and cook a meal with them.

I see the ingredients as metaphors for our identities, manifestations of our selves, which merge into
something new as they bleed into each other during the cooking process.

The rules:

.Bring four ingredients, they do not have to match each other;

.We do not tell each other what we intend to bring until we reach the kitchen;

.The ingredients should be something significant to you, they are you: a memory from childhood
or something that represents your everyday life – it could even be what you have in the fridge
right now;

.As we meet in the kitchen, we show each other what ingredients we have, and compose a meal

.The process is documented with photographs of the ingredients, the meals and the participants.

"Anthropophagic Ritual" is an ongoing project.
Send an e-mail to perillo_g[at]yahoo.com if you are interested in participating.

Thanks to Sven, Linda, Shati, Krzysztof, Marcel, Matteo, Frida, Lars, Ronja, Sofie, Max, Daniel, Emanuel,
Lena, Livia, Nanna, Glauko, Mariana, Kirsti, Erik, Maya and Tomas.



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